Sunday, 29 April 2007

The latest from Edgar J Winter..... interesting


May is universally a FIVE month of change and a full month of change it will be. Also, with Jupiter square Uranus winds of change, May provides the second turning point of 2007. Also May contain two Full Moons, which then changes the order of the New and Full Moons for the next months. Every 18 months, we experience this type of change and the shift of our life at these times is very noticeable. So there are several elements of change that are hitting this month at the same time, which will make the month of May into a mammoth month of change. The FIVE element of numerology gives the month of May the feel that we must step off the dock of security and go into our new directions that are calling to us. We have to experience the decision choices that are aligned with our inner sense of self and our inner blueprint. The ability to be in touch with the direction of these choices makes the changes and transitions easier to deal with and will move us along our path very naturally. The Full Moon on May 2nd is in the Taurus/Scorpio sectors dealing with our inner and outer value system. This prompts changes in our outer life according to the inner values we have and live.
The alignment or dis-alignment will begin to make their choices visible with the changes in the outside world. Many with the dis-alignment will move into directions that are not wanted, yet have been inwardly chosen by the values of ethics and motives already chosen. The New Moon occurs at 25 Taurus on the 16th, which opens the door to the new value system that will be moved into place. We must let go of the dock of security to align the outer world according to what is chosen inwardly. This sets a new pace for us all according to our values. On May 31st, the Blue Moon (second Full Moon in one month) occurs at 10 Gemini and 10 Sagittarius, emphasizing the Sagittarius philosophy and the alignment of our inner beliefs and our outer actions. This provides the second heightened awareness that allows us to choose the point on our horizon according to our inner alignment. Jupiter being close by as the Blue Moon in Sagittarius sets our direction, Jupiter provides the opportunities for us to move forward according to our rights of passage.


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