Saturday, 28 April 2007


Ok - this isnt the real pist, but i have another giveaway....

Does anyone want, or know someone that wants a red ferrari racing car bed for a little boy!!

No mattress will be included, and it is in pretty good condition, just a couple of scratches on one headlight - maybe a shopping trolley got it or something....

This bed was given to us when my son was about 3 and he has had some good years in it. I was going to sell it but cant bring myself to. It was GIVEN to us so i need to GIVE it to someone else not in a position to buy it for themself.

Sorry, no pickie, it has been taken apart and doesnt look as good in pieces.

The only thing is, we want it GONE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!

First in, first served.


Anchell said...

Dont supppose you've got an exercise bike you don't want?

If I sat in a red ferrari bed would it take me somewhere very fast?

rainbowspirit said...

sorry - no exercise bike. wish i did, i would ride it... i think.

and you would take you to noddy land.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz