Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Just call me Sadie......

Well have been very busy yesterday and today. CLEANING!!!
Now i must mention that this is not a natural state for me.
Am working my way toward my bedroom, which has become the storehouse for surplus belongings.
At present there are 2 spare bedside chests, one spare pink, purple and yellow chest of drawers, one spare foam mattress, one spare old fashioned divan (the kind that is made up of two thick foam mattresses), a spare bookcase, a spare set of shelving type thing that is waiting to be installed into my walk in robe, about 15 garbage bags full of stuff to go to the salvo's.... plus assorted mess from my life. You must be wondering at this point where the BED might fit. Well it does, just, we have a pretty big bedroom, but right now there is a couple of paths, one from the doorway to the bed, one from the doorway to the ensuite, and one from the ensuite to the bed. NOT HAPPY JAN. I would take a couple of photos and post them just so you can see for yourself but i am too humiliated. Im sure you can imagine it.
By the way, if anyone could do with the mattress (old and not in great condition), divan (old but pretty good, great for sleepovers), or pink/purple/yellow drawers (ok condition - were not expensive to start with, so will not store heavy things as the drawers are crap) , or white melamine bookcase (ok) - please let me know - i do have a plan for the bedside chests.
Well i am off again - just stopped to guzzle a coffee!!
P.s. - if anyone wants to come over and look at my laundry, feel free - its pretty schmick now!!! lol


Anchell said...

I would like the bookshelves if no one else has baggsed them!!
Busy jen...come clean my house!

rainbowspirit said...

they are yours....

i will come and clean your house when mine is finished.... ok??

Cyndy said...

Sadie is my mother's name... she is NOT the cleaning lady, though. I am proud to say that I learned my lack of domestic skills from her..... You must have a bedroom that really is The Tardis, Jen. :0)

Jewell said...

yes Jen your bedroom really sounds like the Tardis...hmm wonder if the cute Dr Who is in there somewhere......might have to come see!!!!