Saturday, 17 March 2007


Oh i am sorry... I obviously suck at blogging.....

My middle child has had the marathon birthday, sleepover with friends yesterday afternoon til today after lunch, then the whole fandamily over for tea this evening, matter of fact, most of them are still here, watching the footy, while the kids are playing PlayStation.

It has been a pretty big weekend so far, in the last 24 hours i have ...

  • cooked a baked dinner for 16
  • installed etc a wireless router to connect my two girls' computers to the net via mine
  • sung along to some lovely 70's songs on sing star on PlayStation 2
  • nearly melted my lighter lighting 41 sparklers
  • joined a footy tipping competition
  • read and commented on lots of blogs
  • bought my son a new bed
  • made a trifle
  • wrapped and given 12th birthday gifts (Happy Birthday Kira)
  • not choked someone elses kid
  • thought about how i am influencing my life unconsciously
  • looked at baby ruby photos
  • looked at my own 'cousin it' photo from last week's lunch at the cottage
  • been to a clothes party and not bought anything but booked a party
  • shopped at least 3 times
  • washed 4 loads of washing
  • tidied up
  • tidied up again (damn maid, am going to let her go, she does jack nelly around here)
  • argued with various children, some not even mine
  • sweltered in disgustingly high humidity
  • splashed melted butter all down the front of my new favourite top (making cheese sauce for the cauli and broccoli)
  • marveled at the new pretty blue led lights on the front of my new router
  • sat down to blog..... finally (sorry 'chell, i am truly a disappointment)

will try to be a bit more organised with my time in future...

luv jen



Anchell said...

no excuse!

oh well....okay then

I was kidding, have you seen my blog??

Did you light all those sparklers for me????

I am so self obsessed.............

Jacqui said...

Wow, a baked dinner for 16! What a task... want to come round to my place? :)

Lisa said...

a massive posting mary jen-fur- when did you have a moment to drink tequila shots and play with a toy boy in the corner ???????? a baked animal for 16 carnivores- you are a wonder- 12 biffday pressies- wow!!
love you, dont see you enough, snoff plurgh, plurgh shoff times 14.......was it you that put your babies in the car ?????????

rainbowspirit said...

same... no it wasnt me, it was a friend of mine, she used to escape and sleep in the car herself, in the garage. Leave the babies to their dad in the house. I have thought about it at times, i must admit, though i never went through with it.

Jacqui said...

Hey, BTW, what kind of wireless thingy did you use? I want to connect my internet to my laptop wirelessly too. I have broadband and a broadband modem on the desktop PC and I already have a reciever for the laptop... what should I buy? Any advice?

Cyndy said...

There's some good things about living in a shed, I guess....I haven't catered for 16 plus kiddies in a while now... yeah, I'd sack the maid, and the time management officer too......I wish!!!!!!

rainbowspirit said...

it was 16 people including kids, and i did cheat just a little bit.

jaqui, a friend of mine bought the wireless router for me online - its a TP Link TL WR642G, about 80 bucks i think - am still trying to secure it though, one will connect and one will not even though the settings are identical. stuffed if i know, have more to try though... still trying.

Jacqui said...

Thanks, I'll check it out... :)

Jewell said...

wow you need a medal....baked dinner for 16...i have trouble with just the 3 of us!!!! :-)