Friday, 30 March 2007

The A - Z of my week

A is for Art. My best memory lately is of our wonderful Arty farty mary Art group with Arty farty Anchell last weekend..... loved it.

B is for Band aids, of which i have put on copious amounts on copious kids scrapes, and Bell time which I wait for of an afternoon, and the 8.30 Bell, which i hope i hear of a morning after i arrive at work, because that means i am not late. And a Book called Becoming Conscious that I am proof reading again, almost done.

C is for coffee, that I haven't been able to share with anyone - just a cup or two guzzled in the morning between Cracking the whip at everyone to get ready so we can get out the door on time.

D is for Don't know what to put for D. Amazing really, being such a common letter.

E is for Egan, who has his first ever game of soccer in the morning, he is certainly an Ecstatic little boy.

F is for the F word that I am not allowed to say when i am working at school. ( I have to admit to saying it under my breath every now and again, please don't tell anyone!!)

G is for Googie Eggs of the chocolate variety that I will be spending a fortune on this weekend for the upcoming other stolen pagan festival. And Glycerin which i am glad I smeared all on the freezer surfaces last time i defrosted it, huge sheets of ice just fell off with just one little tap.

H is for Hot - which i wish would bloody well p%$s off. I am well and truly ready for some lovely frosty weather. Bring it on. (I know you are with me on this one Deb)

I is for Identity. Mine in particular. Working full time makes me lose mine. I don't know who i am. For that matter, after a conversation i had with a beautiful friend this afternoon, where we lamented how we are not the people we were before the kids were born, I am not sure i truly like the person i have become. I think I am a grumpy old hag. I don't recognise myself anymore.... Sad really.........

J is for Jen. That's who i am - Jen the grumpy old hag. plurgh....

K is for Kisses and hugs - my aforementioned soccer boy found his long lost teddy 'bluey' today and fell into his bed Kissing and hugging him whilst proclaiming 'Bluey, I missed you. This is the first time I have seen you in 2007" awwww cute.

L is for Lists, of which i have many, for Easter and birthdays and housework, all that need to be done with nothing forgotten. My List is my best friend. Sorry Cindy....

M is for Money - which is why i am slaving over a hot photocopier and computer and telephone at school and Mess, which is my house at the Moment. Everywhere I look - Mess.

N is for Notes - schools generate a lot of Notes. I have typed several different varieties this week - what fun. and for Nights - they aren't long enough. Teenagers impinge on my 'me' time at nights and i am staying up later and later to escape them. That is the biggest thing i hate about working. There is no time 'just for me'. when i am home there is a house full. .... oh well, one day i will probably be complaining that they never come and visit me!! Hmmm, maybe because I just typed this but - it is Nine o clock and everyone is in bed!!!!!!!!! wow - that never happens. YAY

O is for Over it. Everything really.....

P is for Photocopying. Lots of it. and how i was so tired today i was brainless and couldn't understand the Photocopying instructions left by the teachers, then couldn't remember how to work the Photocopier. Pfffttt - not good, show me my bed. (sorry Kristie, i shouldn't complain about tired - you wear the crown of tired right now)

Q is for Questions that i hope i can answer at the Trivia night i am going to tomorrow night. I love Trivia nights. and Queensland, which my bestie Kaz is travelling towards as I type.

R is for Red - which is for Red babies, of which i was looking at absolutely adorable, ethereal photographs of earlier and new websites, which list me as an 'Other', that sounds like something scary out of a horror movie - just kidding, cool site Renata!!

S is for Soccer - which will get me up at some ungodly hour in the morning - Saturday morning is my morning for lounging around in my jarmies normally, after 5 mornings in a row whip cracking, i can take it easy. NO LONGER!!! Ahhhhh Soccer - how did i get talked into this I will never know. And the child's father works most Saturday mornings, so i will have to cope with the Soccer thing alone...... Hmmmmmmmmmm

T is for Time - very little of mine is actually mine. It normally belongs to every one else. Work, Kids, Husband, House, Cat, Mother, blah blah blah. Time to Take back my Time i Think!!!! and Tired, which Kristies blog is reminding me of with her posts - no one knows Tiredness like a new mother.

U is for Unwinding - which i am trying to do. Until Monday.

V is for Vacation - one more week and it will be Vacation time. Hmmm - double edged sword this one. I will have finished my almost 3 weeks straight, but the kids will be home from school. Vacation. Yes. Although in the second week of the holidays, i am taking the kids on a Vacation for 4 days 3 nights at aVoca beach in a cabin. Very Very good - cant wait for that one.

W is for Working, this three Weeks Work has allowed us to afford the aforementioned Vacation.

X is for eXactly 26 sleeps til the kids start Term 2 and i get a day to myself.

Y is for You - thank You for reading this far.... hopefully it hasn't put you to.......zzzzzzz

Z is for Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (sorry - a tad predictable I know - but I cant think of anything else)


Kathleen said...

Busy Chicky : )

Kristy-Lee said...

The sleepy crown does look lovely on me, doesnt it?

Lisa said...

well done dear Jen, well done