Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Hmm - trying madly to finish proof reading this book (in my spare time) and sat down to check blogs and emails. This little beauty was within my Rob Breezney's Astrology Newsletter. I think it is very clever. You just insert your name where the lines are....

I have noticed that most idols seem to have clay feet anyway....


This document certifies that


is immune to the lust for enlightenment and is
exempt from the need to seek enlightenment.

This document also certifies that


has seen through the fraud of the enlightenment con game
and is excused from further clawing and scraping to own a
piece of that specious reward.

This document further certifies that


is free from the temptation to be consecrated as
enlightened by any guru, saint, holy person,
or religious organisation that claims the right to do so.

Finally, this document certifies that


has already been enlightened a million times
in a million different ways anyway,
and that seeking even further enlightenments
would be redundant and even greedy.

To ensure the continued validity of this document,


vows to regularly renew these three understandings:

that it is impossible to ever reach a complete
and permanent state of enlightenment;

that there is no single state of awareness
that constitutes enlightenment;

and that since the nature of reality keeps changing,
the nature of enlightenment keeps changing as well.


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Cyndy said...

Thank the Giant Turtle for that!!!

Kathleen said...

HP Blatvasky said there is no religion higher than Truth.

Truth is a moving target!