Friday, 8 January 2010

Character assassination

What a lovely day when you are judged by someone that DOESNT EVEN KNOW YOU really, after some frikken dickhead has assassinated your character in your absence previously.


I am really pissed off now. And I feel like an idiot - even though it wasnt even my fault.

grrrr x 15458486156489+615


Cyndy said...

grrrrrr x 10997872348902k

Michelle said...

Put it in the rubbish where it belongs Jen.


WhimsiGals said...

... don't take it personally Jen, they are really telling you where THEY are ... and it is no reflection of you!


Lisa said...

my character has been assinated on so many levels , so many times in the last few months, but you know what ?
its been great
My real friends shine like diamonds and i know exactly who i want to share my life with and why.
I have grown in leaps and bounds in recent months and am GRATEFUL x 45698569856985.........lisa xx

Jen said...

yes, i am grateful eternally for my real friends definitely, the person who assassinated my character was a family member