Thursday, 1 November 2007

What a week so far....


It has been a really shit week. Ready for a whinge fest, well here i go.

Here is a list of all the things that has been happening to me during the past week or so. They are in random order. Is it any wonder why i am a bit deranged this week.

  • My collegue's husband has found he has multiple brain tumours and cancer in his chest. this has meant he has gone from a relatively normal man and husband to being unable to feed or dress himself within four days.

  • Because of this, i will probably be relieving her til the end of the year.

  • My sister in law (almost forty) ran off with some bar fly of twenty six, leaving her husband and three children. WTF???

  • A very very dear friend of mines ex husband is on the front page of todays herald for raping, drugging, and leaving some young chick for dead in the boot of her car. All this while my friend was still married to him and we were all going away camping and bbq's together etc etc. WTF WTF WTF????????? Speaking of going away, he is going away for at least six years. She has two kids to him aged twelve and fourteen, love to them.

  • I developed a fiercely burning, ichy rash on my chest that glowed like rudolph the frikkin red chested reindeer. This was probably from the stress that i have been under at work to fulfill higher duties with little or no training.

  • Made an appointment for the Freak of Nature at a Child Psychaiatrist. Hmmmm

  • BELTANE ROCKS!!! Gotta love a high point.

  • i nearly got divorced.

  • Stuck on a thousand bandaids and gave out a trillion icepacks at school, all the while doing the work of two people.

  • I saw renata at hades this evening whilst ducking in to the dreaded supre to purchase a t'shirt for a costume for a dance number for the freak of natures performance next week. She did the warding off curse symbol at me.... i hope she was doing it to satans pit, not me......

  • I have taken children to and picked them up from this week, Jets cheer squad training, ballet, jazz, touch football, touch football (again), a birthday party, trick or treating, ballet (again), a friends house, charlestown square and work. Must get me one of those 'mums taxi' tags for the car.

  • Thats enough.

  • Did i mention that Beltane at the cottage was awesome.

Sorry. Whingefest over.

Going to relax for a while in front of the telly and stay up too late, making me tired tomorrow... and the next round of drop off and pick ups, band aids and icepacks..... Grrrrrrr x 57890187817890785

Luv ya



Anchell said...


Okay, you win

I will let you win that game of scrabble we are playing that you are winning okay?

If I were you I wouldnt be whinging..

I'd be comatose

Rider-Waite said...

My God!!!

What a shitful, shitty, shithouse week you have had. Makes me whinging about my kids sound petty.

I really don't know what to say. I can't even contemplate leaving my kids for the sake of a young guy who probably bonks like a rabbit. Sounds good, but leaving your kids??. I have no idea how I would feel if I found out my husband had done something as horrible as your friends,no doubt she is suffering a range of emotions from guilt through to shame, not to mention her poor kids. I pity the collegue and her husband. What a terrible thing to happen, and I understand the nearly getting divorced thing very well. It may well be me next week when Husband comes home to face the music and explain himself.

Love to you. Stay strong xxx

rainbowspirit said...

and i forgot to mention that i was also accused of sleeping with my brother in law, twenty years ago, on a trip to melbourne that we made when he was helping me sort out my nanna's house, by the same woman that has run off with a baby..... hmmmmmm how offensive!!!

P.s. Of course i didnt, ewwww

Rider-Waite said...

Well!!!! That just takes the cake!!! How dare she!!!!

Things can only get better from here.

Because I say so. WORD.

And me saying word seems to be helping Anchell with her smoking. So I say WORD that your days get a whole lot better.

WORD (for extra good luck)

rainbowspirit said...

thanks toni, feeling a little less overwhelmed today.

the sad part is (i thought) we got on really well, and considered her a close friend.

just goes to show, that you dont really know anybody eh.

Rider-Waite said...

Yes, my sister-in-law is one of those. I thought she liked me, but apparently she regards me with little less than outright contempt. Reason, I had the nerve to get pregnant at 19 while unmarried and just after her and my brother announced their engagement. THEN, I had the nerve to have the baby just before their wedding. THEN, I upstaged her again by getting pregnant with my number two baby 8 weeks before she got preg with HER number two baby!!! She is so bitter, that her and my brother did not see my number 3 baby until she was 3 months old, And they lived 35 mins away. Moral of the story, it takes a lot less effort for me to be nice to her than it does for her to be nice to me. If that makes sense.

Kathleen said...

Love You Jen : )

Cyndy said...

My, oh my Jen.

At least this week's over.

Hard times and tasks are only given to those who can cope.

It's just a bugger when you happen to be the one who can, isn't it?

Because sometimes you wish that you were allowed not to.

Love and encouragement to you all.


Kristy-Lee said...

Oh Jen. My goodness.

What to say?

I am sure you are handling things, but if you are not, thats ok too.

Come over for a cuppa! The red ones are always good listeners.

I wont tell your mum.

Cyndy said...

You've gotta love that Twist; she's right on the money.

"Won't tell your mum"..... snort, giggle....

Hope things are ok.

Sounds like you don't need the Red Bull, Jen; you've already got wings...


Kathleen said...

Hey Jen,
send me your email address so I can send you the SoulCollage journal file!

Anonymous said...

Wow, whinge away. Whingefests are good, healthy...

So sorry to hear about your friends. I'm sending some love their way and your way too sweety.

It certainly makes you sit up and review the things that matter, doesn't it?

Cyndy, what you said makes so much sense! Thankyou for that.

Take care as best you can Jen. Thinking of you.


Anchell said...

How are you feeling after foot soup??