Thursday, 22 November 2007

thursday again.... phew

here it is, thursday again. my doesnt time ffly when you are having ffun. am going to get a new keyboard tonight. i ffifnally was able to ring the microsofft helpline and he spent an hour and seven minutes on the phone to me trying diferent things, yet still couldnt get it to work. notice sometimes it types two off that ofending letter, only when i am typing quickly. iff i just hit the key nothing happens. and because the let arrow doesnt work either, i am not going back to remove the double one. maybe it is using them all up by typing two off them all the time.

has been a pretty ok week.

attended the uneral of my friends husband on monday. shocking. very very sad. still not sure how long she will be of work ffor. maybe the end off term, maybe she will be back sooner. depending on how she feels, she is taking it one day at a time. i am just cruising along too. happy one way or the other. though, honestly, now i have gotten used to it, i would be happy to work the rest of the term, the money will be awesome.

brad got a new job, he will be working ffor a company that delivers oil and stuffff. three days in the depot and two on the road, getting $7 per hour more then he is getting now in the depot, and $9 an hour more when he is on the road. hmmmmm, he is happy. although overtime isnt guaranteed, so his wage will not go up much - though he will only be working 38 hours. this could mean that i will be able to do more (selffish bitch arent i) as he will be more regular.

took the reak of nature to the child psychaitrist today. he is emailing me some forms to fill out but he listened to our story and asked some questions then went on to describe her totally, reaky. turns out she truly is ADD. he has prescribed ritalin. damn. i have to do this though, to give her a chance at ffuliflling her potential. she is willing to give it a try. he was really nice and wants to keep in email contact with us and was really positive and encouraging to kira. she likes him too. will keep our fingers crossed and hope this makes a diference.

having a day of today was good. even ifff i spent most off it in a doctors surgery. did a spot off shopping. wandered around greenhills for a couple off hours. certainly some interesting characters wandering around up there. verrrrry interesting. hmmmmm

well, will stop boring you now and go and do some housework. yay, looking fforward to that most deifnately.


luv jen

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