Tuesday, 27 November 2007

I have some good news and some bad news...

the good news is that i will be a free woman next monday and from then on as my collegue is coming back to work after the sudden death of her husband. So that makes me freeeeeeeeee

the bad news is that i am finishing work this friday, and therefore there will be no more pay packets before christmas....... damn

reality is, i am happier to be finishing then the pay packets would have made me, so i am happy happy joy girl

life is mad

ferrying various offspring from one bloody thing to another, day in day out - shit, what a pain

and tomorrow, pft tomorrow, wait til you hear this

i signed up for two billets from a victorian school for wednesday night. they are only staying for one night. the teacher was having trouble placing all of them so is said, IF you are stuck, i could have two more, as long as they are all the same sex. I could throw them out into the family room and it would all be ok.

i got the extra two. and i got two boys and two girls. damn. two year nine boys, a year 10 girl and a year 11 girl. shit. replan i think. at least kira had the sense to turn down the couple in love, the diabetic, and the vegetarian.

think about it peoples.... i have SEVEN KIDS TO GET READY FOR SCHOOL ON THURSDAY MORNING. and i have to get them all there. i will have to make two trips. shit.

oh well, hopefully will be fun. shit. seven kids.

anyone got a bus i could borrow?

anyway, gotta go and get tea cooked and get kids to touch footy tonight, ready to meet hubby so i can go to YAAD.

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