Thursday, 23 August 2007

on on and on it goes.....


find myself hanging for the school holidays.....

never done that before, oh well, there is a first time for everything.

what have i done over the last few days...

  • washed clothing, hung it on the line, and forgot to get it off.
  • ironed work clothes for myself and biggest girl - i desperately HATE ironing.
  • gone to work.
  • taxied various children to various places.
  • taxied my mother to the JHH to visit her friend with a broken leg (slipped on water in the kitchen and broke her thigh bone in three places... OUCH)
  • read blogs.
  • attempted my quiz/test at YAAD - oh dear - lucky fail isn't an option.... well that's what Lisa said anyway.
  • saved a child's life (I didn't choke him)
  • contemplated my universe and my role in it with some uncomfortably true truths discovered.
  • dreamed copiously, amazing vivid, dreams, most of which i can only recall for a few minutes after waking and leaving me dumb struck (as opposed to just 'dumb').
  • shopped.
  • tidied as much of the house that i have had the energy for (in other words, i haven't done much tidying).
  • cooked crappy fast meals, just fill a gap and get on with it (mental note, nutrition very important on weekends)
  • booked a table at the club for my birthday dinner with my family and horrible brother/sisterinlaw/nephews so they dont have to come to my house (YAY)
  • contemplated turning 42.
  • decided that age is a number and that is all.
  • ran into a woman that used to be a very close friend (she knows ALL my secrets, well almost all) and had a lovely chat, noice.
  • shopped.
  • snotted and coughed (all them damn sick kids coming to sick bay!! least none of them did the 'v' word)
  • chatted to a friend on the phone and laughed until i cried. the best kind.
  • gone to work again.
  • have gotten to know our new principal who is a really, really nice guy, and very funny. he has my sense of humour (scary eh) and he throws me lines all day. we crack each other up and that is a bit scary. I didn't know if it is a wise position to be in with a boss. oh well, it just evolved, so i suppose that is ok.
  • discovered that the lady i am working with didn't even get an interview for the position she is relieving, gotta love the education departments system. but, the outcome of this point is that she is not getting a promotion, so her position is not becoming vacant, so i didn't have to stress about not applying for it and having to work full time for the rest of my life. (hmmm, if anyone can make sense of this one, you are doing REALLY well)
  • slept (just a little bit, and only between intense dreams)
  • went to work.
  • read blogs

oh well, thats enough of me. looking forward to tomorrow arvo

luv jen

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