Wednesday, 1 August 2007


Well here I am, three days down, two to go this week..... and VERY GOOD NEWS... no one has vomited~!!!! (am touching wood as i type) I have bodily fluid issues, and cannot cope with vomit. Not even my own kids'. So some random kid in a school vomit would see a matching puddle in front of me. So no vomit is GOOD NEWS.

Speaking of good news, I have good news and bad news......

The bad news -
I may only be working for the month of August

The good news -
I may only be working for the month of August

The position i am relieving for has already been advertised. I cant apply for it because I am not qualified. (I am relieving the person who is relieving the vacant position, just to clarify the point).

I WANT TO COME TO IMBOLC RITUAL TONIGHT. Too late, his lordship late, no babysitter, DAMN!!! DAMN DAMN DAMN


oh well, least i have peace (relative)

will have to search the net for what to do at Imbolc. ...... hmmm, the mention of a spring clean sent me running.... will continue searching.... ok, i dont have an orange candle.... HELP. Where are my mentors when i need them...

oh well, happy Imbolc everyone.

Lotsa luv

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