Thursday, 29 October 2009

a bubble


sometimes i seem to watching the world from behind the glass walls of my bubble

and although I am there

part of me is not

part of me is set apart and just watching.

watching and waiting for something

does anyone know what I am waiting for??

I don't...

In other news - Saturn leaves Virgo at 4.09am tomorrow morning AEST. I am cautiously ecstatic about that. It is time for it to move on and remove some pressure from me.




The Tall Red Head said...

Ah, sometimes just sitting back and watching and waiting is all part of the fun :) The right things come along when they are ready for us to have them. Sometimes they just drag their arses to us!

Natalie said...

Yeah! and guess whose house it is going to Hmmmm?


Michelle said...

How about those horoscopes! Im finally moving out of farking Libra! Thank all the goodnesses!