Saturday, 25 November 2006


Phew - what a couple of days...

We went to The Gardens, greyhound racing at Birmingham Gardens today for Brads work Christmas party.... wasn't particularly looking forward to it as i am not into gambling but i have to say that I had a really good day... Brad's boss has been a friend of ours for at least 20 years and has one daughter that was really special to me when she was small. Her parents and us kinda went our separate ways for a few years before they asked brad to drive for them... Sam is 18 now and still an amazingly beautiful person, inside and out. When she was little she used to call me 'Mum' - we had a very special bond.... I could still feel that today. I don't see her much anymore... once every year or so but when we meet there definitely is some connection that spans longer then this lifetime. She had a lovely friend named Jenna with her today and for a pair of 18 year olds they are amazingly balanced. Chatty, friendly, easy to get along with.... you can probably tell that spending time with Sam today was the high point of my day... along with winning$63 in total for the day... I started with $2 - let my intuition guide my choices and won on 8 of the 11 races i bet on. It was a good day, good company, good weather, good winning!!

Have been researching on the net tonight for a tattoo design i like. I haven't found one yet.... and i haven't really decided where i want one... am kinda swayed towards an anklet but i don't want a thick heavy design..... hmmmmm maybe the boob...... and what to get..... have been searching for some kind of symbol - sanskrit or something - with a meaningful meaning.... and hope that it really means what it says it means... bit of a worry.... but still.... still so undecided... that is why i haven't already got one... I will do it!! I was supposed to get one for my 40th birthday last year and couldn't decide on a design... and am still looking..... hmmmm - hoping it will just jump out at me...

Had a fairly exciting afternoon yesterday too... I have decided that i will definitely go to the staff Xmas party in a couple of weeks.. only trouble is that it is a 'formal dress' function. I do not own ANYTHING that could even remotely be considered formal. Being the casual, swinging towards Bohemia type dresser that i am. So inappropriate for a 'formal' do.... So - I went and bought a Frock from Target. (notice the capitalisation of Frock - this is intended to give due reverence to the Frock) I had to take my bestie with me to help me choose. She made me try it on, cause i didn't like it, then after i had discarded all my other choices virtually 'made' me buy it - reasoning (quite rightly) that i could take it back if i decided i didn't want it after all. Hmmmm - once i got home, put on a bra to lift the twins up above my waist and the dress with some nice high heels and decided that it looked OK ....... well as good as anything was ever gonna look on me.... and am happy to keep it.

So - the moral of the story is I HAVE A FROCK!!!!

Sorry - that was probably pretty boring but big news around here.

Hmmm that was very interesting.... just went outside for a smoke and there was a huge huntsman spider, two frogs - one of which just sat on the table and looked at me, and a pair of bats fighting for landrights or something - hanging from the branch of a palm tree out the front.... that's me officially freaked out.... talk about wildlife.

oh well, will sign off now
luv to all


Anchell said...

Excellent. I want to see you in the FROCK.

Rylah said...

That's not boring at all - you should see my blog for boring!!! :)
Bats are noisy and nasty buggers aren't they?
And I'm officially freaked out just READING about the huntsman.... *shudder*
Glad you found a Frock!

Raihn said...

boo, my sister in!!

Jewell said...

Do you have a "magical" name Jen? as I don't know if you know that I have come up with symbols that could be used as a tattoo, both Bee and I have one that I created. Let me know I’m happy to give it a go for you....I often get symbols that I have channelled from the Goddess.
Love the Wildlife.....maybe Goddess / Mother Nature talking to you

Kathleen said...

I love Spiders ... and bats ... and frogs! It sounds like a real Witches backyard to me!