Sunday, 27 March 2011

please send love and healing

My gorgeous daughter Airlie decided to go and get some silly tongue piercing yesterday….

Her body rejected it in a big way. Her neck, throat and tongue has swollen to incredible proportions, this afternoon she had to have surgery to put a tube in place down her nose to ensure her airway doesnt get blocked altogether.

Consequently, she is in Intensive Care in John Hunter Hospital, and being kept heavily sedated, ie comatose, until the swelling goes down.

I am kind of in an ok place wit h this, i know she is in the absolute right place, and that air can get to her lungs if it swells further.

I am hoping this will be a bit of a wake up call for her, maybe the piercings etc are not all a good idea…. her lifestyle has been a bit extreme lately (well for the past two years).


She is a beautiful girl, her major problem is her lack of self esteem.. which has led to all this……


Airlie Girl, I love you from here to the moon and back. Please get well soon..

Luv Mum




Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sending prayers her way. {{{Hugs}}}

Wendy said...

Oooh, ahhh, tongue piercing - not good. And there I was thinking it wasn't such a bad thing and *almost* contemplating getting one myself. Thanks for the reminder that this is not what the body is meant to have done to it. Sending healing to Airlie and love to you and yours, Jen x3x

Jen said...

thanks heaps guys xoxo

janis said...

Oh I am so sorry! Big {{Hugs}} and prayers from across the big pond.
I remember fearing the same when my daughters got belly button peircings, and when the oldest got her tattoo as well. We were very lucky.

Lisa said...

Praying Jen, praying........this is a story that should be shared. Are you Ok ? call me if needed. off to light a candle right now.
smooch xx


Cyndy said...

You are right, Jen: Airlie is in the right place, getting the right help. And she did the right thing too, going to the person that she knew would be the best to help her.

She's a stunner, without all the "window dressing" that kids insist on and hide behind as they all do the same thing to stamp out their "individuality".

But you can't put an old head on young shoulders. If only it wasn't stuff a scary life lesson.

Love to you all,

Cyndy xoxoxoxo

Dawn said...

That's really not good! She is in the right place though. Unfortunately with all piercings, tattoos and other body modifications there are risks and people need to be aware of these. Which piercist did she goto?
Hope she gets better soon.