Sunday, 21 March 2010

A dream…..

Interpretations welcome!!


I was with my husband inside the house we are living in now. I looked out the window to see a tree (that does not exist in reality) and saw a big brown bear jumping up and trying to grab a branch. Once he finally grabbed it and pulled it downwards, a border collie dog started walking down it and out of the tree. I was watching in amazement and followed the branch back up into the tree. I saw a whole line of Border Collies in the tree, heading down and along the branch that the bear was holding down for them. I then saw that there were babies, i think there was three (ahem) hanging in the tree in like these little muslin or netting hammock things. they were just tied up there and hanging. I got really worried about those babies and started saying ‘we have to save those babies’. One of the babies grabbed a dog as it passed by and it hung on for just a second, enough time to dislodge it partly from its hammock thingy. My husband was unconcerned and was saying ‘they will be fine’. I called the fire brigade and gave them clear instructions to reach this house and how to manoeuvre out the back to reach the babies.

Thats when i woke up.

Ok, now I have three kids. My husband owned a border collie when i met him. I guess one other reason I am leaving him (once I find a rental property… grrrrrr) is to save my kids and myself.

I just googled ‘bear’ for dream interpretation and it means ‘independence’ according to the one i looked at.

Ok, so all the symbols fit - but what is it telling me?? Still pondering that.

I would love to hear what you have to say about this dream.



Natalie said...

I would be wondering what Border Collies symbolise to you?
I just keep getting 'rounding up'....?
The loose baby is A.
You have given instructions to the troops, now we wait for them to turn up!

Natalie said...

Send him down the tree trunk....bye!

Michelle said...

WhimsiGals said...

The 3 babies sound like your three children :-)

Paula said...

Admittingly I am useless in dreams. Still I would love to wish you calm and restful days over Easter. Hugs across the pond. paula xxx